Tabula is an integrated design-film agency – architects of marketing communications strategy and builders of video content. Using our tested four-step approach, we deliver video content in a form best suited to the objectives and goals of our clients.


Our video platforms represent a paradigm shift in video delivery for organizations and enterprises. Our platforms offer clients unparalled:


Each platform is underpinned by a single brief that articulates one overarching narrative and set of key messages. This ensures that all the videos in a platform are telling the same story, supporting the same strategy and evangelizing the same brand.


Each platform is designed to be modular and customized for every project. For example, a 10-minute video platform can become two 5-minute training videos, five 2-minute leadership videos, ten 1-minute social media videos, or anything else in between. Our strategy phase identifies the best use of a video platform based on project objectives.


Each platform is supported by a targeted and thoughtful marketing and communications plan that focuses on promotion and activation. Without effective viewership and engagement, videos can become more noise - not the emotional and behaviorial catalysts they should be.


Each platform is carefully and strategically planned and staged with the goal of optimizing the production process. Through our operational efficiencies, we reduce delivery time, shoot time and the amount of client support and management required.


Each platform is delivered for a fixed price, regardless of the number of finished videos. Our platform approach is designed to clarify and demystify video programs for our clients and make them easy to understand, purchase and plan for.