The best videos are the ones where the science of strategy and art of filmmaking align. To accomplish this, we employ a rigorous, four-phase approach that ensures videos are more than bright shiny objects, but rather laser-focused, strategic communications multipliers.


Phase 1: Strategy

Objective: Develop an understanding of your business and the video objectives

Process: Collect, co-create and analyze core strategy and project data to surface the strategic insights

Deliverables: Audit of existing assets; strategy workshops with stakeholders; audience analysis

Phase 2: Planning

Objective: Craft the video story arc and project roadmap

Process: Distill and translate the data into strategic, creative and planning materials that will guide production

Deliverables: Creative brief with narrative and key messaging; storyboard and script; pre-production plan

Phase 3: Production

Objective: Create the video content

Process: Thoughtfully stage and cadence video production and post-production to optimize and focus efforts and resources

Deliverables: Video production; video post-production; completed videos

Phase 4: Activation

Objective: Drive video viewership, engagement and audience action

Process: Strategically place and promote videos throughout the right marketing and communications channels

Deliverables: Video engagement and measurement plan; video campaigns (optional)